“Of the Monstrous Pictures of Whales” No.3

Elizabeth A. Schultz: Unpainted to the Last…Elizabeth A. Schultz: Unpainted to the Last – Moby-Dick and Twentieth-Century American Art

Wer zufällig am 8. Mai in der Gegend von New Bedford ist, sollte mal beim New Bedford Whaling Museum vorbeischauen. An diesem Tag wird Elizabeth A. Schultz über Illustrationen von und über Moby-Dick sprechen. Sie ist die Autorin des – soweit ich weiß einzigen – Buchs über die Bilder die „Moby-Dick“ inspiriert hat. Und nicht etwa nur als Illustrationen im Text selbst…

From the Back Cover
Moby-Dick is America’s essential ‚big book‘: physically daunting in sheer number of pages; cosmic and endlessly mysterious in its iconography; epic in the sweep of the story–and, for all of those reasons, irresistible to visual artists. In this riveting study Schultz follows her whale through uncharted waters, daring to discuss comic-book versions of Moby-Dick and collectible glass whales alongside the paintings of Jackson Pollock. The result is a rich and dazzling exploration of texts-visual and verbal-and contexts, centered on the problem of abstraction in the art of our century.“–Karal Ann Marling, author of As Seen on TV: The Visual Culture of Everyday Life in the 1950s

„Melville readers both old and new will rub their delighted eyes to behold the unexpected vistas spread in this sophisticated, closely detailed, and profusely illustrated book. It will take its place on the short list of major Melville studies and offers an appealing new approach for interpreting Moby-Dick.“–Harrison Hayford, general editor of The Writings of Herman Melville

„Combining a keen appreciation for literature with an equal one for art, Schultz gives new illumination to an American masterwork, literally illustrating its enduring greatness.“–Charles C. Eldredge, former director of the National Museum of American Art and author of Georgia O’Keeffe: American and Modern

„This is a prodigious and brilliantly realized work that does something so imaginative yet so obvious that readers will wonder why it has not been done before. The range of artists Schultz addresses is staggering and her understanding of Moby-Dick is superb.“–Robert K. Wallace, author of Melville and Turner: Spheres of Love and Fright

So. Und nun muß ich gestehen: gelesen habe ich dieses Werk (noch) nicht. Aber es kommt auf meine Wunschliste!

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