Lee Child: Nothing to Lose

Nothing to Lose - UK Coveroder: Worauf man sich im März freuen kann!

Jack Reacher ist wieder da! Ab Ende März ist die UK-Ausgabe seines neuesten Abenteuers lieferbar. Hier kann man sich auf leechild.com schon mal ein paar Zeilen durchlesen – und diese wenigen Zeilen enthalten wieder alles, was man von einem Jack Reacher erwartet! Schon allein der Dialog am Ende ist das reine Vergnügen!

„We don’t like strangers.“

„Me either,“ Reacher said. „But I need to eat somewhere. Otherwise I’ll get all wasted and skinny like you four.“

„Funny man.“

„Just calling it like it is,“ Reacher said. He put his forearms on the table. He had thirty pounds and three inches on the big guy, and more than that on the other three. And he was willing to bet he had a little more experience and a little less inhibition than any one of them. Or than all of them put together. But ultimately, if it came to it, it was going to be his two hundred and fifty pounds against their cumulative nine hundred. Not great odds. But Reacher hated turning back. (© Lee Child)

So muß ein Thriller anfangen!

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